Virginia Reinecke, still performing at age 90!

Virginia Reinecke, co-founder of Music in the Great Hall back in 1974, will play a recital this weekend on a concert which celebrates her 90th birthday.  Tim Smith of the Baltimore Sun describes her as “gregarious” and “tireless.”  Click here to read the entire article.

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  1. Kathleen Kessler says:

    Hi. My name is Kathleen Kessler, and I met Virginia through our class at the YMCA. I saw her play at Charlestown, and she was wonderful. I didn’t get to go to the “musical salon” at her house at that time, and then I lost touch with her. I would love to get some sort of schedule of her concerts, and perhaps you could give her my name. I’m hoping that she will remember me – it’s been a few years since she’s been to the Y. A friend of mine, Lynda Willing has been to several of Virginia’s concerts at her home, so she may know her name. Please give her my warmest regards, and I hope to see her play soon.

    • admin says:

      We will let her know of your interest! She still holds salons at the house and I know she’d love to reconnect with you…..

  2. Patricia Collins says:

    I have wonderful and dear memories of Virginia Reinecke who taught my children Diane, and Marianne piano and theory. Their sister, Cheryl studied theory with a Peabody student of Virginia’s. I believe the young woman’s name was Yvette.
    We remember fondly the grand piano’s,the FERNS,and the dear little house that bubbled over with Virginia’s enthusiasm and love for students,friends and music. She created a wonderful sense of wonder in everyone she met.
    Music remains very important in the lives of my children whose ages now range from 40 to 50. I thank Virginia for their love of music.
    We loved working together on Music In The Great Hall at Maryvale in 1974 through 1978. They were wonderful times.
    I hope Virginia never stops playing the Piano, no matter what her age.
    She is a beautiful person!
    Peace and Love, Pat Collins, mother of the Pfeiffer children.

    • Thank you for sharing your memories for all to see! What fun to read that. Virginia is a very special lady and she has touched generations of people with her love of life and music. I’m so happy you had a chance to benefit from her expertise and her zest!

    • I am trying to locate Mrs. Pfeiffer who was on the Board of directors of Music in the Great Hall around 1979. If I find her, she will remember me as someone who regularly attended the concert series.

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