A Cellist With a Future

Music in the Great Hall proudly presented cellist Hans Kristian Goldstein in January of 2010.  Hans was the 2009 winner of the annual Yale Gordon Concerto Competition at the Peabody Institute in Baltimore, and he presented a cello and piano recital with collaborator and Peabody Faculty member Clinton Adams.

Here’s what Tim Smith had to say about the concert in his blog at the Baltimore Sun:

“Of course it’s insane to predict any musician’s career, but what the heck. I say that cellist Hans Kristian Goldstein, the Peabody student who won the 2009 Yale Gordon Competition at the conservatory, will make it. He seems to me to have everything it takes to develop a career – not just the raw talent, but the keen artistic impulses.

Oh yes, the Norwegian player, barely into his 20s, also has some marketing assets, which can’t be discounted in the era of the superficial — boyishly handsome looks and a rather evocative name.

Goldstein gave an impressive recital Sunday afternoon for the Music in the Great Hall series at Towson Unitarian; it also turned out to be a warm-up for a competition he has been accepted into in South Africa. That connection generated the sole contemporary item on the program, a brief, appealing, rhythmically propulsive romp by 35-year-old South African composer Bongani Ndona-Breen, “Jozi Dreamtime.”

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